Does Higher IQ Make You Smarter?

In an interesting followup to a recent article about a study done in Norway, which you can find here, they explain how that article did not say that first born is always the smartest in the family, although they do-on average- score better on IQ tests.

What the study did conclude is that Nurture had more to do with IQ then Nature. This is due to the fact that out of the Norway men tested; those that were first born tested (on average) slightly better then their later siblings- HOWEVER, in some cases where the first born son passed away early on and things of that nature, that the second born son would have the "elder advantage" and would test at roughly the same amount of points better then the younger siblings.

This goes right back to the idea that the eldest son, on average, did better on IQ tests because he was brought up in that kind of leadership/teacher role.

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