Miss New Jersey Refusing To Give In To Facebook Blackmailer

Facebook photos of Miss New Jersey being used by unknown person in an attempt to Blackmail the beauty pageant winner. She has decided not to step-down as Miss New Jersey and instead to stand tall against the unknown blackmailer.

Apparently, she had some photos on Facebook, that, when paired with "unflattering" captions cast Miss New Jersey, Amy Palumbo, in a very different light. She declared in a press statement that she will not let this unknown blackmailer get into her life and will not negotiate or succumb to their demands.

Ironically enough; Palumbo platform during the pageant was internet security -and specifically- using the internet as a tool instead of a method of crime.

This story comes at a time when photos on myspace, facebook and other social networking sites are becoming less and less a private thing. It's no secret that many employers run google searches for job applicants but some still don't realize that employers also dig up pictures from these social networking sites.

It's this editor's opinion that if someone is going to put a brand to their own name and publicize themselves (as in the case of beauty pageant winners, where they are the product they are selling) that they strictly control what general information/photos/videos and multimedia in general is available on the internet.

Press Release Video available at CNN

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