EDC Gold - how is it not MLM?

I came across the EDC brand yesturday while parousing some of my favorite financial websites. It is damned interesting.

Basically everyone buys a website and advertises to sell EDC's assortment of marketing ebooks/software/audio etc. Now there are 1,000's of products in this catalogue.

The first two sales you make go to your sponsor (referral)
and you get to keep every sale from then on.
100% of the purchase.

So that means that every person you drag into the program eventually has to drag 2 more in or else they never get paid.

Its a never-ending multi-tier'd business model that is in fact pyramid in nature.

Once you give your email up to any of their man affiliate sites then you get calls and emails from your sponsor (and their sponsor). It's all very interesting to me, as I have some experience with sales and I seen everything as it is - a pitch, a rehash, a sales funnel.

It's really incredible the kind of mass marketing of the same materials that EDC does. I don't know how many more marketers the market will let breakeven. Eventually it will flood.

The calls I got reminded me of the movie "Boiler Room", all the sales talk and "act as if" stuff. That movie rocks.

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PowerAdvisor27 said...

Actually, EDC allows us to decide whether we want our members to pass up their sales to us. We have a choice, and to be honest many sponsors I know (myself included) do not require this, nor have we ever required this of our members.

There are some aspects of EDC Gold & EDC Diamond that are similar to home business. We earn residual on our personally sponsored members, for example. But the great thing is that I don't depend on building a downline to make my income. Unline MLM, my income doesn't stop if members stop joining. I am able to (and have) made just as much from retail sales and the additional streams of income as I have from "recruiting." That is something that can't be said for MLM.

Oh, and one more thing. I've been a member for almost a year now. I have never had to call or spam people to get them interested in this business. I only make phone calls when someone has requested a call through my home business survey, or when someone has called me. For those who take the training seriously and learn the proper ways to market, the interested opportunity-seekers come to us and our websites, instead of us chasing them down. Every single one of my members contacted me first. I don't purchase leads, traffic or even use Google Adwords or similar advertising.

-Ina Stanley
Learn2Earn Marketing