Value Proposition

Theres this concept in marketing, that explains how the consumermentally feels your products quality and brand, and it's the value proposition.

The need that your product fulfills or the value it brings to the consumer has a value proposition in relation to the market enviroment and the activities of your competitors.

The best way I've seen Value Proposition explained is through this simple chart. It is a good way of getting an idea of where you're going to want to position your product as well as many other marketing decisions.

When introducing a product to the market, make sure it lines up in one of the 5 areas where you can competitively conduct business and not in those areas marked with an X:

More: More for More, More for Same, More for Less

Same: Same for Less, NOT Same for More, NOT Same for Same

Less: Less for Less, NOT Less for More, NOT Less for Same

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