Chinese Weight-loss Patch Under Scrutiny


The most recent fake product to be revealed as a faulty chinese product:
A topical weight-loss patch

The patch was marketed on t.v. commercials as being the reason Chelsea Clinton lost 26.5 pounds in a month. The instructions on the product say to just stick on the area of your body where you want the weightloss and the fat will just ooze out of you. It was marketed as a product made in America; although the name barely translates into "America Seven-Point Thinness".

After some testing by the China Central Television agency it was revealed that the oilly discharge that was secreted from the patch was caused by the patch itself when it is applied to a warm object; and that no weight-loss happens at all.

Somehow; the makers of the topical patch were able to make 200 million yuan, or $26.32 million before they got investigated.

Due to all the recent faulty products and poisonous toothpaste that has been discovered china's place as a major manufacturing capital of world is in jeopardy. "Made In China" seems to bring more negative connotations then positive nowadays. Who knows what the next product will be that China has to pull from the selves.


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Anonymous said...

Ah, nothing says quality writing like outright plagiarized material. If all you're going to do with your "blog" is poorly rehash stories, at least cite the source.