Philadelphia Sue'ing State Government Over Gun Laws


In an unlikely battle over gun control and laws; several members of the city council of Philadelphia have sued the state government of PA (Harrisburg) for creating, what they call, a "state-created danger".

It is no secret that Philadelphia has more than it's share of violence. With a murder rate that is more than 4 times the national average and headlines everyday of violence it has become an issue on everyones mind. The city council wants to make it more difficult to get guns, as well as better checks and more requirements for registration as well as stricter policies regarding lost or stolen guns.

Evidently, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires gun laws to be the same all over the state and will not allow Philadelphia to put into effect stricter gun laws.

When asked about it, North Philadelphia District Attorney Lynn Abraham said she does not believe the case has any real chance. She said the State trumps the city.

This is not the first time either; last time the case got to the supreme court of PA where it was defeated 4 -1 (2 judges declined to vote). So although technically the case was lost by the slimmest margin possible - it seems unlikely to win this one.

Better to try and fail, then to not try at all I suppose.

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