Design Your Life - Figure out what you want, Then Do it


How do you want to live? Honestly? Not how your family wants you to life, not your friends - Just you. Why aren't you living the way YOU want to? NO, thats the wrong question. the question is "How can you live the way you want to?"...

My Awakening
Over the past year, going on 2, I have experienced an awakening. I have begun to actively seek out success and learn & grow everyday because of it. Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect - but I'm trying to get there and how we get closer is by trying everyday to get better. Through use of the things I will explain I was able to plan what I wanted out of my life at the time - and developed a plan what I have to do daily to achieve these goals. Well, My goals were to do good in my current semester in college, and to lose weight.
By using the things I am talking about - I was able to achieve my goals. I got a 3.6 GPA, Dean's List and everything -while also losing weight. To-date I kept the weight off and I now way 60 pounds less then that night I planned out what I wanted to achieve. Figure out what you want; set the goal and be resilient about making sure you do what you want to do. You feel good when you are growing and learnign right? Well, you have the choice all-the-time whether to participate in positive activities that will work towards your goal or negative activities that push you farther away from what you want to do.

Figuring out what you want
It's all about Personal Power. Finding true power. Power as defined by the ability to shape your life. Reveal the true you and live exactly the way you want. I strongly believe it's possible. Who says we can't live like we want to? Other people? What they say dosen't matter - it's what you say. If you say you can do it; If you say nothing is impossible.

Time Management
We can create our outcomes. Think of the quote "The Things I practice in Private, I will be rewarded for in Public". This is so true. Our time is the only thing we control; every minute is an investment in a given activity. The more time we invest in given activities - the more return we see on that activity.

Set Goals
One of my favorite books, "Alice In Wonderland", there is a very good quote about goals. Alice asks the cat "Where does this road go?" The cat responds "Where do you want to go?". Alice says "I don't much know", to which the cat said "Then it dosen't much matter".
If you don't know where you are heading, how will you get there.
Figure out where you want to be heading. Then start getting there. Thats how you get to where you want to be.

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