Finding Your Niche Market

In the era of online business the American dream has evolved. It has lost it's sense of hard work and patience. Everyone wants to be an Internet Mogul, an Entrepreneur of the technological age. Just set-up a site and watch the money roll in and actually spend little to no time doing anything related to it. Well, with so many people wanting the same thing - markets can get crowded.

How to avoid the crowd? How to get the word of your product out of competition and on a island of its own?

This is done by marketing to a specific group of target audience, A Niche.

Don't be fooled! With so many competitors it is impossible to compete with 100% of possible customers all the time. Although you are advertising to much less possible consumers when niche marketing; you are doing it better and will be directly competing with fewer and fewer businesses the more focused your niche.

There are many ways of finding what Niche is best for you; I will discuss my two methods that I used to help me figure out my Niche Market for several recent business ventures.

Use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool
With this you can, for free, search for how many times a certain keyword was searched for. It is used to decide a bid on keyword advertising. Fantastic tool. Consider this a small representation of all searches on web; but it shouldnt be too far off from the average amounts of searches for most keywords.

Use Nichebot - it "finds what people search for"
This website does a variety of digging tasks. "Search The Major Keyword Services All in One Place to Easily Locate the Highest Traffic/Lowest Competition Keywords Like a Laser-Guided Missile!". However, they do have many programs that cost money to use. If you are looking for professional grade reports on search figure - nichebot is a nice tool.

Look at your life; what groups/demographics have you been a member of? Activities, academics, occupations, material possesions? Does this give you a unique advantage to a niche?

It is a much more useful advertising dollar spent if it hones in on a specific niche market. Niche Marketing will also lead to increased CTR for your adwords and text-link-ads. Better CTR means saved money. Now you have more uniqueness for the search engines; you can be #1 in the listing for Rock Climber Yoga(example) or you can be page 1 for Sports Yoga(example) or page 10 for Yoga(example). All while spending the same amount of money due to fluctuations in the price of common vs. uncommon keywords. That is why you should Niche Market.

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