Need Traffic? Start Social Bookmarking

The reason why most blogger don't end up making any money from their efforts is due to low traffic.

This lack of traffic can be due to a variety of things; most likely either:
A) Poor Quality Content
B) Good Content, but people cannot find the site.

What I have come to learn is the easiest, most cost-efficient way to advertise and drive traffic to your site is to use social bookmarking. There are a variety of social bookmarking sites out there, like, Del.icio.ous, Technorati, etc.

What these sites do is after you submit your article to their database; it varies from site-to-site, but your article is ranked and index'd according to how many people from that specific site bookmarked your article. For example; with - each digg is like a vote of confidence in the article, telling other readers that this article has this many votes.

Exponential Growth
The thing about sites like is once your article reaches a particular level - it tends to grow exponentially from there. I watched an article I wrote yesturday go 6 hours after published without getting much more then 1 or 2 diggs.
Then suddenly; it became popular. Pretty soon, hundreds and hundreds of people had "dugg" my article and it had gotten onto the main page. From there it only grows faster because it has even more exposure. Eventually it got onto the Top 10 in all subject areas list. It currently has more than 2,000 diggs and has attracted more then 30,000 people to my site. Incredible - especially considering that my blog averaged around 200 visitors per day.

The article I'm mentioning can be found Here.

Now their are those who believe that you should only bookmark your very good articles - I am not one of those.

I bookmark every article; because I believe it is a game of chance and the Law of Averages tells me that if I submit X number of articles then eventually I'm going to get another article that breaks loose.

*This article is from a different blog I had tried for a few days; that is why It is not dugg or bookmarked here.

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You should not only use but also other social bookmarking websites like and
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