Take Back the Net by Cade Metz

It wasn't published too recently but I still find it completely relevant. Mentions how web pages use to be much more static; and how everything nowdays is all about constant update with Feeds (RSS) quickly becoming the preferred route for continuous information.

Take Back the Net
By Cade Metz

"Everyone was supposed to have a voice on the Internet. Thanks to tools like blogs and wikis, everyone can.
Think back to the earliest days of the World Wide Web. Before Amazon.com and E*Trade. Before CNN.COM and ABC online. Before CRM, ASPs, and B2B marketplaces. In the early nineties, when the Web first rose to prominence, few saw it as a business medium. Few saw it as a fresh outlet for major newspapers, radio stations, and television networks. The Web would be the tool of the masses, not The Man."

Go to PCMag.Com to get full article.

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