4 Hour Work Week - plausible lifestyle?

'The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich' by Timothy Ferris was one of those books that once I picked it up at the bookstore - it didn't leave my hand till I had read it all.

Why was it so captivating? Because in this self-improvement/success story/case study of a book tells of this remarkable lifestyle where everything in life that you don't enjoy doing is outsourced and you have passive income generated by an automated business that he calls your "muse", that which allows you to pursue things in your life that you want to.

What I didn't like was how Ferris dosen't help much in guiding the reader on their own journey to create a muse. Sure, he makes some vague references to some wholesale and reseller websites - but simply knowing a manufacturers website address dosen't change the fact that for a successful business you need a marketing strategy, initial start-up capital, and a creative idea for a product/service that is different (preferably better) from other product/services currently on the market.

Though I understand where he is coming from in this book; he dosen't really help me understand enough how you get to the point of having a profitable business that you own. This book takes it from that point on.

Definitely a good read though

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